About Us

About R.S TAU Inc.

R.S TAU INC, ATTORNEYS. NOTARIES AND CONVEYANCERS is a young, emerging and energetic law firm. It’s founding member in recognizing the need to respond to socio-economic and legal changes and to meet the increasing demand for access to justice realized and brought to fruition the existence of RS TAU Inc Mafikeng office on the 1st of June 2010. The Pretoria branch was opened on the 17th August 2010. In May 2015 the firm was incorporated and Michael Butinyana Phokompe became a Director. In December 2018 we decided to expand our business in 2019 by opening another branch in Polokwane, Limpopo Province.

The nineties have heralded a series of major and profound changes in our legal system. The constitutional court and the rationalization of the other courts in the land have impacted significantly on the development of our law and jurisprudence. Such meaningful transformation has committed itself to the empowerment of the people of South Africa, especially the previously disadvantaged communities and entrenched us vision to render legal and consultancy services to a wide spectrum of clients The firm has businesses associations with large legal firms and specialists in various related fields. This enables us to have the resources, knowledge and commitment to provide the necessary assistance and expertise to meet your requirements. Our services extend throughout the country through our network of associates firms.

The unique backgrounds and expertise of our professional staff provide the ideal platform for the establishment of this dynamic firm of Attorneys. The firm is founded on an ethos of high quality services. To ensure that the highest standards of services are maintained; we insist on the outmost professionalism in every area of our operation. Everything we do at R.S TAU Inc starts with us client as the focus.